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The MSIT Curriculum

Project-Centred Curriculum

The MSIT Program drives a project-centric curriculum that offers practical hands-on experience to master the implementation of the concepts taught in each course. With each course broken into manageable modules which are then offered as a project to be worked on, students learn in an environment akin to a corporate one. This helps students understand the concept while working on the project and submit the relevant tasks (deliverables) within the deadline specified by their mentors.

Collaborative Growth

The students get the required guidance and support at every level from the mentors who have a wide knowledge base which would be helpful for the growth of students. For example, if a student is being offered a course on data structures, he would be asked to work on a project like ‘Mini Google search engine’ which would enable them to understand the various algorithms involved and assimilate the underlying concepts to develop this project.


Another simulation is where for the Networks course they need to come up with a File Protocol and similarly for the Database course ‘Airline Reservation System’. In addition to this, Concept tests, Programming Concepts and Quizzes are held.


With this, MSIT students gain hands-on experience while conditioning themselves, and looking for innovative learning solutions.

Syllabus: Syllabus


Get a detailed introduction to the program with Praveen Garimella, Associate Dean and Principal Mentor, MSIT Program.

Build Your Specialization

Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning

Drive the next leg of innovative AI applications for organizations and consumers alike.

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MSIT Program takes pride in offering a syllabus that is challenging, yet rewarding. Explore a comprehensive semester-wise breakdown of our courses and their associated credits here

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