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The Syllabus

Breaking it down

MSIT offers a project-centric curriculum which lends practical experience and helps the students to muster the implementation details of all the concepts related to each course.


Each course is broken down into modules, each of which is offered as a project to be worked on. The students understand the concept while working on the project and submit the relevant tasks (deliverables) within the deadline specified by their mentors.


The students get the required guidance and support at every level from the mentors who have a wide knowledge base.

Soft Skills training is embedded into the curriculum and each mini-semester has one soft skills workshop in addition to continuous coaching in language training on a daily basis.

Your Year at MSIT

The program is divided into three semesters. The duration of each semester is 16 weeks. The first eight weeks (two months) will be the Preparatory Course, which will be conducted on-campus. Students will have to achieve mastery (a score greater than 80%) in the Preparatory Course subjects to proceed to the main program.

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Semester I
Week 1-4

IT Workshop

4 credits

Week 5-8

Computer Science Principles & Python Programming

4 credits

Week 1-8

Introduction to Soft Skills

1 credit

Week 9

Dussehra Holidays

Semester I
Week 10-14

Data Science

4 credits

Week 14-17

Principles of Software Construction (Java)

4 credits

Week 10-17

LSRW I (English)

1 credit

Semester II
Week 18-23

Algorithms and Data Structures I

4 credits

Week 24-27

Algorithms and Data Structures II​​​​

4 credits

Week 27-30

Elective - 1

4 credits

Week 31-34

Elective - 2

4 credits

Week 18-24

LSRW II (English)

1 credit

Week 22

Sankranti Holidays

Semester III
Week 35-38

Elective - 3

4 credits

Week 39-42

Elective - 4

4 credits

Week 39

Placement preparation

1 credit

Week 43-50

Capstone Project

8 credits

Week 43

Advanced Interview Facing Skills

1 credit

Let’s Talk

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Pink Background with Bubbles

I am a CS graduate. I joined MSIT to improve my coding skills and learn new technologies with the 'Learning by Doing' approach. MSIT offers Soft skills courses along with IT courses which helped me to become industry-ready. Mentors provide immense support throughout the course. MSIT offers a co-op program that helps you to gain practical work experience and I am fortunate to be a part of it. MSIT helped me in transforming my career and I am looking forward to joining American Express.

- Sai Teja
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