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Learning By Doing

The methodology of 'Learning By Doing' is a unique one adopted by MSIT. It aims at giving hands-on experience which helps the students understand the practical implementation aspects and the concepts associated with it.

This unique approach involves learning in a project-centric way. This helps students to solve problems by applying concepts. Each course is broken into manageable modules each of which is offered as a project to be worked on. Students work in teams with a corporate-like environment. The students understand the concept while working on the project and submit the relevant tasks (deliverables) within the deadline specified by their mentors.

Virtual Learning
made simple!

The MSIT Program is conducted on, for a true-to-life interactive experience.

Students can explore a virtual learning environment, break off into project groups, conduct team discussions and collaborate seamlessly under the guidance of our mentors and programming coaches.

The virtual classroom has been inspired by a traditional learning environment to ensure students feel at home.

Students can move through the space, request the help of mentors, and even collaborate through screen sharing for that added touch of realism.

The platform allows for students to:

  • Learn at their own pace

  • Request assistance at any time

  • Collaborate with project teams

  • Learn from peers as well


Not everyone learns equally.

MSIT Program offers flexible one-to-one instruction for students to learn at their own pace.

Students can schedule one-to-one sessions with mentors as many times as they need to fully grasp a concept.

Bloom's 2-sigma problem shows how students learn significantly better with one-to-one instruction and the results speak for themselves!

Purple Background with Bubbles

I am a CS graduate. I joined MSIT to improve my coding skills and learn new technologies with the 'Learning by Doing' approach. MSIT offers Soft skills courses along with IT courses which helped me to become industry-ready. Mentors provide immense support throughout the course. MSIT offers a co-op program that helps you to gain practical work experience and I am fortunate to be a part of it. MSIT helped me in transforming my career and I am looking forward to joining American Express.

- Sai Teja

Guidance at Every Step

The students get the required guidance and support at every level from the mentors who have a wide knowledge base which enhances the knowledge of the students. Each course is offered by a principal mentor and the student-mentor ratio at MSIT stands out to be 10:1 giving enough scope for the students to interact with their mentor whenever required. Personalized mentoring at MSIT aims at nurturing the students in every way. Students are given individual workstations with laptops and 24x7 internet facilities. Rich digital content with strong audio-visual support alongside constant mentoring provides them with the necessary platform, with lectures by eminent people also. Therefore, MSIT students gain hands-on experience from innovative learning solutions.

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