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Get jobs in Technology industry with intensive training in computer programming and communication skills

Learn with our new project centric curriculum with mastery learning

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Get the MSIT Advantage

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Job-focused Curriculum
with placements

A project-centric curriculum helps you gain practical hands-on experience in each course, making it easy to crack the placement opportunities which are also provided.

Get an MSIT Degree
from IIIT Hyderabad

MSIT is a master’s degree awarded by IIIT Hyderabad, designed to land you your dream tech job

Excel in each subject with Mastery Learning

Mastery learning method ensures all students to attain an A grade (90%) in the subject. Students can learn at their own pace till they achieve mastery to progress.

November 2024 Admissions are open.

Looking to advance your career in computer sciences? Then look no further! MSIT program offers cutting-edge courses with a unique Learning-by-Doing approach that ensures you are industry-ready when you graduate.

Speak to a program expert:

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Specialize in an
emerging technology area


Finish with a specialization to earn the

Master of Science degree from IIIT Hyderabad.


Choose one advanced technology area such as Data Science, App Development or Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.


In 8 months, learn the advanced technology with an Industry Internship.

Your MSIT Journey

Prof P J Narayanan

Director, IIIT Hyderabad

Learn skills by doing projects

Digital learning units to learn concepts

Small group discussion to clarify concepts

Solve real world problems

Ask a dedicated coach whenever you are stuck

Get expert feedback to enhance your skills

Achieve an ‘A’ grade (Mastery Learning)

Take courses with
others like you

Learn together and from each other with regular deadlines to keep you on track.

Practice, practice and
practice for expertise

Learn together and from each other with regular deadlines to keep you on track.


Here's what's happening right now at MSIT.

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November 2024 Admissions are open.

Interested in our program? Fill out the form to show your interest and we'll reach out to you soon.

Two Decades in Excellence

Our legacy spans two glorious decades where thousands of students have unlocked their potential and advance in their career of choice.

Learn more about our 20-year journey here.

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Sai Teja

Received an offer from American Express

I am a CS graduate. I joined MSIT to improve my coding skills and learn new technologies with the 'Learning by Doing' approach. MSIT offers Soft skills courses along with IT courses which helped me to become industry-ready. Mentors provide immense support throughout the course. MSIT offers a co-op program that helps you to gain practical work experience and I am fortunate to be a part of it. MSIT helped me in transforming my career and I am looking forward to joining American Express.

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