Deepak Kumar Reddy Bhimavarapu

Deepak Kumar Reddy Bhimavarapu

Associate Mentor


Deepak has been a teaching at MSIT for nearly four years. organizes courses across Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Science Principles and Programming, Database Management Systems

As a mentor, he as trained over 80 students across various disciplines such as:

· Algorithms and Data Structures

· Introduction to Computer Science

· Computer Science Principles and Programming

· Introduction to Data Science

· Database Management System

· Object-Oriented Programming

· Computer Networks

· Cyber Security

· Web Programming

· Mobile Programming

· 100-day Competitive Programming Challenges

· Cloud Computing

· Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

· Computational Thinking

Deepak is an alumnus of the MSIT Program, having graduated in 2017. He brings forth a strong focus on analytical skills and a relentless passion to teach the next generation of programmers.