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Realism and denial affect virtually every aspect of poker. Your critical tasks are to resist your own desire to deny reality, while understanding and exploiting your opponents’ denial

Winners’ Laws

If you follow four simple rules, you will become more realistic and get better results.

1. Admit that you overestimate your abilities and other virtues.

We all make this mistake to protect our egos. We want to believe that we are more talented, disciplined, and so on, than we really are. If you were born after about 1965, this natural tendency has been reinforced by the “build self-esteem” movement. It is so powerful that it has even affected some older people.

You’ve probably gotten grades and praise you didn’t deserve and been spared criticism you really needed. You’ve believed countless white lies about how good you are. You want to believe that you can be or do anything and that there are no limits on your future, but it’s nonsense. Everyone has limitations, and you must accept and work within them.

2. Admit that you have some unrealistic expectations.

Nearly everybody has them, especially poker players. It’s so easy to kid yourself about how well you play and how easy it is to win. Beware, because unrealistic expectations can cause crushing disappointments. Set aside your fantasies, evaluate yourself and the competition objectively, and decide what you can realistically expect to accomplish.

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