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Challenging Ourselves

It is no hidden secret that true learning is seeded in tackling challenges head-on. We learn the most when we are pushed to expand our horizons. This holds true now more than ever when the world is recovering from one of the largest pandemics of modern history.

The COVID pandemic has upended industries worldwide and higher education is no exception to this rule. But the unique challenges it has left us with are only opportunities for us to demonstrate our resilience and passion to building the next generation of innovators, problem-solvers, and disruptors alike.

At the MSIT Program, we are poised to leap into the next stage of evolution of technical education, starting with deploying a completely virtual admissions process and evolving to contactless-teaching programs. But the future is not completely remote, it is centred around hybrid learning.

Hybrid learning is not just limited to our physical or virtual presence but expands to encompass how we learn. At the MSIT Program, we have embraced hybrid learning long before the advent of the 2020 pandemic with ‘Learning-By-Doing,’ our unique teaching methodology.

Students at MSIT learn by participating in a corporate-like project-centric approach to problem-solving offering them a hands-on approach to apply classroom learning to real-world scenarios. This prepares our students to not just tackle today’s challenges but helps build the right ‘problem-solving attitude,’ which can be applied to any new challenge they come across in their careers.

So, when I’m asked how I feel about the future of education, I’m fairly confident in saying, “Those with the hunger to learn and the passion to do, will have the opportunity to succeed.”

At MSIT, we’re here to create that opportunity.

The opportunity to learn, collaborate, share, grow and evolve each day into someone better than we were yesterday. Someone more technically proficient, confident and valuable to organizations of tomorrow.

For we are not solving today’s challenges which are well known and extensively documented, but rather venturing into the unknown of tomorrow with a prepared mind and confidence bursting in our hearts.

We are ready for new challenges. It is in our DNA.

Therefore, I leave you with this thought:

‘No challenge can seem too great, when you challenge yourself to push your own limits each day.’

Praveen Garimella Dean, MSIT Program

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