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Praveen Garimella

Praveen Garimella

Dean - MSIT Program


Empowering the youth through technology-enabled personalized teaching and learning. This has been my core belief as the Associate Dean of Faculty Development, at the Consortium of Institutions of Higher Learning (CIHL), Hyderabad - a joint initiative by the universities of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in association with Carnegie Mellon University.

CIHL offers an innovative, multi-university and interdisciplinary post-graduate program - MSIT. Through this program, we focus on a ‘Learn by Doing’ framework wherein a fluid intermingling of theory and applied learning takes place enabling a more complete understanding of concepts.

Previously, as the Principal Mentor, I have been responsible and owned the design of the curricula for over a decade. Further, I have been instrumental in encouraging an interactive and discussion-oriented method of engagement between students and their courses, and have successfully established a competency-based assessment model. This learning method has been found to not only benefit students in comprehending concepts with improved clarity but also inspire unique problem-solving capabilities and unbridled confidence. I have designed and developed a learning management system to trace students' learning curve.

Prior to my stint at CIHL, I was the Associate Director at the Centre for Education Technology and Learning Science (CETLS) – a research center at IIIT-H involved in the R&D of the ‘Learning by Doing’ education methodology. I am the architect of the digital classrooms conducive to hands-on learning; and have also established teaching and learning protocols, and organized faculty development programs.

I have co-founded two companies Carnegie LbD and Tara Mobile Technologies. I was also a visiting research scholar at Carnegie Mellon University, focused on E-business technology training and conducted Education technology research. Currently, I’m pursuing my doctorate from the International Institute of Information Technology.

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