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Web Backend

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Module Overview

This course presents an overview of a variety of Web backend topics:

  1. Web server Programs

    1. Flask Framework

    2. Client session Tracking

      1. Cookies

      2. JSON Web Tokens

    3. Authentication

      1. OAuth

    4. File Upload

    5. Microservices/Web APIs

    6. Data Security

  2. Knowledge of Web Frameworks

    1. Django

    2. Spring

    3. Rails

    4. Node.js

    5. Serverless (AWS/Google)

Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing the course, you will be able to:

  1. Build APIs/Microservices in any given framework

  2. Build client session tracing for any web application

  3. Make use of given frameworks to build the web application

  4. Design the backend architecture of any web application

  5. Build authentication and implement data security for the web application

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