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Module Overview

In the preparatory course, students will be introduced to a host of various professional skills. This course would also have a continuous credit component, wherein the students would apply effective verbal, non-verbal & visual communication skills with confidence through repeated practice of public speaking activities.

This course is designed to develop Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills required for effective communication.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing the course, you will be able to:

  1. Reading:

    1. Comprehend and synthesize information in passages that contain complex language and are conceptually dense

    2. Identify connections among pieces of information and make appropriate inferences

    3. Recognize the expository organization of a passage and the purpose that specific information serves within the larger context

  2. Listening:

    1. Comprehend central ideas and explicitly stated important details

    2. Keep track of conceptually complex, sometimes conflicting information over extended portions of a lecture

    3. Identify how information or examples are being used and how they are connected

3. Writing:

  1. Produce clear, well-developed, well-organized text

  2. Select important information from multiple sources, integrate it, and present it coherently and clearly in writing

4. Speaking:

  1. Speak clearly and use intonation to support meaning so that speech is easy to understand and follow

  2. Speak with relative ease on a range of general and academic topics

  3. Convey well supported summaries, explanations, and opinions, including both concrete and abstract information, with well-controlled organization and cohesion.

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