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Introduction to Data Science

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Module Overview

Data science is the study and practice of how we can extract insight and knowledge from large amounts of data. It is a developing field, currently attracting substantial demand from both academia and industry.

This course provides a practical introduction to a data science analysis, including data collection and processing, data visualization and presentation, statistical model building using machine learning for scaling these methods.

Topics covered include: Collecting and processing data, free text analysis; Analyzing the data using a variety of statistical and machine learning methods.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing the course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the full data science pipeline, and be familiar with programming tools to accomplish the different portions

  2. Use of Python and its modules to scrape, clean, and process data

  3. Use of data management techniques to store data

  4. Use of statistical methods and visualization to quickly explore data

  5. Apply statistics and computational analysis to analyze the data

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