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Get a high-paying job in IT
with the MSIT Program


With a Master's Degree from

IIIT Hyderabad

Master's in IT (MSIT)

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Getting a job is easy with
The MSIT Program

Master's Degree from IIIT Hyderabad

Graduate with a Master's Degree from IIIT Hyderabad with a specialization in AI.

Unique Pedagogy
Learning by Doing

Work on industry projects and get practical experience to help you land a job with ease!

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Hybrid Learning
Offered in two modes

Choose between the online or on-campus programs based on your personal requirement.

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Flexible Learning
Personalized sessions

Students can access one-to-one sessions with our mentors to make sure they learn the subject well.

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Career Opportunities
Campus Placement

The MSIT Program offers campus placement with top-tier organizations.

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by Doing

Understand the concepts ground-up and learn to build your own neural network from scratch.


Anyone with a B.E or a B.Tech degree (any stream, be it Computer Science, Mechanical or Electronics) is eligible for the MSIT Program.


Complete your Master's degree in just 16 months, including a full-fledged industry practicum.

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Got questions?

Our team's got
the answers

Schedule an interactive session with our admissions team at your convenience.

Get your doubts clarified and understand the requirements for the program.

Why Choose MSIT?

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Project-Centric Curriculum

A uniquely designed project-centric curriculum helps you gain practical hands-on experience to master concepts in each course.

Degree from IIIT Hyderabad

MSIT Program is a Master's course by IIIT Hyderabad designed to land you the tech job you are looking for.

Internationally Acclaimed

Under MOU with Carnegie Mellon University (USA), some CMU researchers are providing guidance on the course content for the program.

Program update (LP)

2022 Admissions
Application Fee

An application fee of INR 1,000 will be charged once you apply. Our Admissions team will contact you about the details once you fill the application form.

This fee will later be adjusted against your course fees at the time of admissions.


Is the MSIT Program

right for you?

Find out for yourself in our



course mastery.


Gain ‘Personal Mastery’ in the 1-week Computational Thinking Course as a part of our admissions process. Now you can try out the program for yourself and evaluate your readiness for the program.

Your learning Journey





MSIT Advantage (LP)

Build Your Specialization

Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning

Drive the next leg of innovative AI applications for organizations and consumers alike.

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Learning By Doing
Our teaching methodolody

The methodology of 'Learning By Doing' is a unique one adopted by MSIT. It aims at giving hands-on experience which helps the students understand the practical implementation aspects and the concepts associated with it.

This unique approach involves learning in a project-centric way. This helps students to solve problems by applying concepts. Each course is broken into manageable modules each of which is offered as a project to be worked on. Students work in teams with a corporate-like environment. The students understand the concept while working on the project and submit the relevant tasks (deliverables) within the deadline specified by their mentors.

Virtual Learning
made simple!

The MSIT Program is conducted on, for a true-to-life interactive experience.

Students can explore a virtual learning environment, break off into project groups, conduct team discussions and collaborate seamlessly under the guidance of our mentors and programming coaches.

The virtual classroom has been inspired by a traditional learning environment to ensure students feel at home.

Students can move through the space, request the help of mentors, and even collaborate through screen sharing for that added touch of realism.

The platform allows for students to:

  • Learn at their own pace

  • Request assistance at any time

  • Collaborate with project teams

  • Learn from peers as well


Not everyone learns equally.

MSIT Program offers flexible one-to-one instruction for students to learn at their own pace.

Students can schedule one-to-one sessions with mentors as many times as they need to fully grasp a concept.

Bloom's 2-sigma problem shows how students learn significantly better with one-to-one instruction and the results speak for themselves!


Sai Teja

Received an offer from American Express

I am a CS graduate. I joined MSIT to improve my coding skills and learn new technologies with the 'Learning by Doing' approach. MSIT offers Soft skills courses along with IT courses which helped me to become industry-ready. Mentors provide immense support throughout the course. MSIT offers a co-op program that helps you to gain practical work experience and I am fortunate to be a part of it. MSIT helped me in transforming my career and I am looking forward to joining American Express.

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Ready to apply?

Just fill in the form and our admissions team will get in touch with you to schedule your interview.

Got more questions? Great! Keep them handy during your interview and our panel will help clarify your doubts.

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